Charting Progress Made

It is important that you keep a diary every day of your progress. You don’t need to write too much, i can fit in everything i need on a calendar square for the most part.

I divide my progress into 2 categories.

  1. Short term progress. ( whats happening daily )
  2. Long term progress. (whats happening yearly ).


Short Term Progress Indicators

Every day i keep a record of the number of spontaneous erections i have. These are my indicators that i am doing the program correctly. These have started out small in size ( half width and half length ) and have grown to three quarter size and then on to full size, but not quite full strength. The erections are currently at a good strength but not quite 100%, pretty close to it. They are at a stage where i can currently  engage in sexual activity without medication. They started off  feeling like a hollow cylinder and as i have progressed with my program over the last few years, they have become stronger incrementally and the hollow feeling has become less and less . I am currently in stage 2 of my recovery where i am clearing the calcified estrogen from my body. The calcified estrogen lumps formed after each crash and as they have slowly dissolved in size , i have seen incremental improvement in every area of my recovery.

When the program is going good, i get  spontaneous erections daily. Doing the program correctly will give your body good deep sleep which is required to heal your body. As you progress your sleep will become better and deeper. Good sleep will produce nocturnal erections and morning erections ( morning wood ). Then 2 to 3 hrs after breakfast I get them. I can almost set my watch as to when i am going to get them. These erections after breakfast usually account for the majority of erections that i will have in any day. I can also get them during exercise (less frequent) and during meditation (more frequent). They can typically last from a couple of minutes to sometimes up to 10 mins or more. Every time you bring relaxation and calm to the body whether it is after a big meal, meditating, exercising gently or saying a mantra , your body will produce natural spontaneous erections.  They will increase in size, frequency and duration as your recovery progresses.

Relaxation alone is not enough. It must be done in conjunction with warming up the kidneys daily by taking a hot bath (30 mins), hot shower on back (20 mins)  or exercise with sweat jacket (45 mins).

The program goes bad usually when i am over exerting either physically with exercise or mentally through my moods going bad and getting caught up in them. Ideally you want to keep your moods and emotions ( both good and bad ) on an even keel, but that is easier said than done with this condition.

Currently i limit ejaculations to 2 to 3 times per month, when i do ejaculate i notice the effect it has on my body typically around 4 days afterwards. My number of daily spontaneous erections can drop down to zero or close to zero, also my mood drops  down and i feel noticeably more depressed. This just happens for 1 day typically 4 days after an ejaculation.

If i have over exercised , my body stops producing spontaneous erections for about 4 to 5 days or they are fewer and noticeably smaller in size. When this happens i limit all exercise to just walking and nothing more for 4 to 5 days . Usually your stomach will feel very tight when you are doing your breathing exercises if you have over exerted and you will notice it return to normal and the spontaneous erections return to the size they were at before.

It is simply a case of trial and error to determine how much exertion is too much for your body. Use an exercise machine like a cross trainer or exercise bike or treadmill and start off at a low resistance and build up slowly till you find the right amount that works. I currently use level 10 out of a maximum setting of 20  on a cross trainer and that works good. . Start off at a low number and increase it week by week till you find the right amount that you can take depending where you are in your recovery. This can change slowly over time.There were times before when level 9 worked good and anything more would be too much now i can use level 10 and it does not over exert my body and produces better results.


Long Term Progress Indicators

There has been an increase in the frequency , strength , size and duration of my daily spontaneous erections. They have started out as not full size and getting 1 or 2 per day initially after correcting  the imbalance  to around 7 or 8 per day and sometimes more. The most i have had in a single day is 10. Most of these last for under 5 mins but some last as long as 10 mins or occasionally up to 20 mins. Again these erections are not completely solid all the way through and will not be until stage 3 but are pretty close.

My baseline of my mood , happiness , joy , contentment , optimism has incrementally increased with each passing year doing this program.

My baseline for relaxation has incrementally improved also year in year out doing this program. I recently have started  again to remember my dreams every night which i had not since my crashes began indicating better and deeper sleep.

I have also seen incremental improvement in my orgasm when i ejaculate going from just watery ejaculate coming out with no pressure or force or feeling at all to now experiencing not just the force and pressure and feeling return but also the nice dopamine feeling you get afterwards too. Although currently i do not feel that it is back completely i would say now it is probably 7 or 8 out of 10 when it started at 0.

There also has been a big return of the sexual sensitivity to the tip of the penis. Initially this was at zero and now i would probably put this at a good 7 or 8 out of 10.

The bubbling estrogen feeling in my legs has noticeably reduced. I believe this is from estrogen deposits that settled there after one of my many crashes. It is significantly down in my right calf muscle , around 80 per cent clear and 60 per cent down on my left calf muscle. More calcified estrogen settled in my lower left leg than in my right, not really sure why , just know that it did due to the feeling of it moving around.

I also have a calcified estrogen deposit on the left side of my penis. It initially started of being cylindrical in shape mirroring the shape of my fingers. After a major crash i went to the hospital and the doctor gave me viagra and told me to masturbate for as long as i could. Applying pressure with my right hand to the left side of my penis caused the estrogen deposit to appear in that exact location. It started of being around 30 mm in length , around 8 mm in width and over 10 mm in height at its highest point ( its not completely cylindrical, one end has more depth than the other) and is now reduced down about 70 per cent in total volume.

It is important that people try this program for at least 12 months so that they can see not only daily responses from their body in terms of regular spontaneous erections but they can see the incremental jump that will happen throughout the course of the year with the longer term progress markers.