How to Begin Program

First of all you must find out if your body is still in the stage where the crashes are still  occurring and stop them before you proceed. Exercising was something that would give my body a horrible reaction the next morning when i was still in the “crash stage” similar to alcohol and this stopped immediately after i got out of the crash stage by taking viagra prescibed by my urologist. So cardio exercise for 45 mins or more where you work up a good sweat is the check to see if you are still in the crash stage, if you dont have the horrible reaction the next morning, it looks like you are out of that stage and are now in the estrogen clearing stage. Remember the more crashes you have had , the longer the estrogen clearing stage will take, so it is important to stop the crashes as soon as possible.

  • The first step is to stop the crashes if they are still happening to you. If you don’t stop the crashes and you start this program, you could get more like i did.
  • I stopped my crashes by taking viagra prescribed by my urologist for 4 days straight (half a tablet each day) and masturbating as long as i could under my urologists advice. I did not ejaculate during this period, i wanted to store up as much of my hormones as i possibly could. This stopped my crashes , i had a total of 3 or 4 in total.
  • It sounds like a testosterone shot has produced the same result in others as i did with the viagra and is an easier option.

        I noticed 2 main things after i stopped the crashes

  1. I could now exercise again without having the same reaction i would get from alcohol, where i would wake up the next morning and my body would be racked with stress as though my nervous system had been zapped with a taser.
  2. My baseline of stress and anxiety and my mood was noticeably better. It was still a long way from being perfect  but noticeably better.

After the crashes have been stopped you now need to eliminate as much stress as you can from your body. You can start of easy by walking 60 to 90 mins everyday for 2 weeks straight. You can accompany this with a hot bath everyday and also doing meditation for as much as you can can ( 45 mins in the morning and 45 mins in the evening will produce great results.) After 2 weeks of walking you can increase the resistance of the  exercise with an exercise bike/cross trainer or treadmill . Start of with a low level of intensity and week by week increase it until you find what your body can handle. For me i use a cross trainer, level 10 works good but anything more and my body stops responding. A week at level 7 followed by  a week at 8 and a week at 9 lead me to this. Don’t push it too fast or too hard with the exercise  or your body will not respond, slowly see what your body can take and stay at that level. When i exercise i use a sweat jacket to increase sweating and warm up my kidneys. When i do this i don’t need to take a hot bath or hot shower aimed at my back to get my body to respond. Replace fluids and salts after to prevent cramps and dehydration. Reduce ejaculations to once every 2 weeks to allow the body to store up its depleted hormones. You will notice that around 4 days after ejaculating you will feel the effects of it with a decrease in your mood and no or reduced spontaneous erections on that day. Your body will respond daily when you are doing the program correctly in the form of spontaneous erections that will come with periods of elevated mood and relaxation. It is important to note that these spontaneous erections are indicators that your body is slowly coming back. They are not full strength and will not be for a long time. They start off like a hollow cylinder and slowly get stronger and stronger. Keeping records daily of the number of spontaneous erections that you have and the size and strength and duration they last is vital to your recovery as it will give you an indication as to how your recovery is proceeding and give you the motivation to continue. You need to do this program for at least 12 months to be convinced that it will get you better. Over the course of 12 months you will see a noticeable jump in your progress , it will take the form of an increase in mood and relaxation, an increase in the number of spontaneous erections the body produces and an increase in orgasm strength. I also see a decrease in “bubbling estrogen” in my legs and calcified estrogen lump on the left side of my penis. I believe that the crashes dumped estrogen into my body that then settled and solidified and now needs to be dissolved fully before i can recover completely. Record keeping is essential for your recovery. Give everything a score out of 10. Starting point of mood,  relaxation, erection strength, orgasm strength, estrogen in body and track it as you notice changes. This is an extremely slow process, over 4 years so far, my recovery time has been so slow because i had so many crashes. More crashes means more estrogen to be dissolved from the body, this is the crux of the recovery. That is why it is important that the crashes if you are having them must be stopped quickly to prevent more from happening. It is important to have a good diet that allows you to have a bowel movement everyday. This is not particularly easy with this condition as you have to contend with chronic constipation but with a diet high in fiber and fruits and vedgetables and i drink lots of hot water or herbal tea to aid digestion. I have oatmeal with bran for breakfast most mornings and eat fruit everyday. Papaya , kiwi, coconut are great for your stomach and  salads and vedgetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and pumpkin are great too. I try and drink 3 to 4 cups of hot water as it is very good for your stomach, you can have this by itself or with herbal tea or even very weak black tea is ok. When beginning this program i suggest that you do it without additional supplements initially and even without acupuncture so you can see just how effective this program is by itself. After a period of time you can then take whatever supplements that you feel are working for you and also try acupuncture treatments weekly if they are affordable and available.   If you do this program for 12 months you will see not just daily indicators in the form of spontaneous erections and periods of elevated mood during your day but also periodic incremental jumps in your progress which you can actually feel happening to you on the days that they arrive. ( e.g. you can actually feel the days your baseline of mood and relaxation go from a 3 out of 10 to a 4 and a 4 to a 5 and so on.) These periodic jumps will happen at least once in a 12 month period so it is important to do this program for the full 12 months to experience this for yourself.