Recovery Stages

Recovery Stages

I believe that there are 3 stages to this recovery.

  1. Correct hormonal Imbalance ( Stop Crashing Stage )
  2. Clear calcified estrogen from body ( Estrogen Clearing Stage )
  3. Restore body to full strength and health ( Final Stage )

In stage 1, I believe that the hormone imbalance can be corrected by taking a 250mg testosterone cypionate shot. In my case i took half a viagra tablet everyday for 4 days straight under my urologists advice. He told me to masturbate as long as i could, which i did without ejaculating to store up as much of my own hormones to correct the imbalance. I did this and never had a crash since. I also was able to exercise again without my body having a terrible stress reaction the next morning, this along with a noticeable change in my mood was my indicator that i was out of the crashing stage. Unfortunately a lot of damage was already done by multiple crashes causing a lot of estrogen to be dumped into my body slowing my whole recovery process down.

I believe that when your hormones build up in a large amount quickly either by  using viagra for 4 days straight without ejaculating or by using testosterone shots, this resets the imbalance but from this point forward , the testosterone shots will no longer keep dissolving the  escaped calcified estrogen in the body due to how it is converted and used by the body. I was also told by my prescribing urologist that using viagra too often is not good for the body and must be taken in moderation so taking a lot too often is not a good idea.


I unfortunately had 3 to 4 crashes before going to see a urologist. In hindsight , this was a mistake , i kept on doing my program as i had previously been doing not knowing why or how the crashes were occurring.  I believe that every crash i had, more estrogen got dumped into my body, calcified into hard lumps and now has to be slowly dissolved before i can move on to stage 3 and restore my body to full strength.

This is why my recovery is taking so long, i believe  the more crashes you have had , the longer it will take.

I am currently in stage 2 and have been for over 4 years already. I have seen enough  progress so far to convince me that my body will return to full health. The most recent improvement i have noticed is the return of orgasm. I have also complete return of sensitivity to my penis which i did not have at all at the beginning of stage 2 and i now have pretty good erection strength ( 80 %). At this point , i feel a lot closer to the finish line than i do to the starting point.(see Charting Progress Made).

The progress is painfully slow and will take years no matter how many crashes you had so you must be prepared for a long battle with this recovery, it does not happen quickly.

I believe that stage 3 the final stage of this recovery is the Kidney Ying Deficiency Stage (see My Story) . This stage if done correctly will take about 6 months.This stage is actually where i started off in the first place. Taking Saw Palmetto, the  5ar inhibitor herbal supplement  actually sent me backwards, the repeated crashes kept sending me back further and further. The treatment program for stage 2 and 3 is exactly the same, the difference is that in stage 3 your recovery is noticeably faster. In stage 2 you may need to wait  6 to 9 months to see incremental improvement with your body, where in stage 3 you can see a big difference in your recovery in just one month.

In short, stage 1  is corrected quickly in a matter of days, stage 2 takes years ( more crashes more time) and stage 3 done correctly takes around 6 months or less.

I am currently well into the second half of stage 2 in my recovery. I have seen my daily spontaneous erections increase from 1 or 2 per day at the beginning of stage 2 to now getting over 10 on some days when doing this program. This is pretty incredible considering that since the earlier use of viagra to stop the crashes, i am not taking any medication, supplements or any medical treatments at all. These results are produced by meditation, exercise , diet, semen retention (reducing frequency of ejaculations to around 2 per month) and just trying to keep my moods in check as much as i can.

As well as increase in strength, frequency and duration of daily spontaneous erections, i have seen big improvements in my sleep. My sleep is deeper, my dreams which i now remember every night are more vivid and sexual dreams are stronger. I wake up with good morning wood every day.

Everything with this recovery program happens slowly and incrementally so just be patient and keep daily records of how you are feeling and whatever positive changes that you experience.